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LeBron: ‘Me And My Team Have Decided To Boycott The Playoffs In The Name Of Social Justice’

From The Babylon Bee:

LOS ANGELES, CA—After yesterday’s game against the Phoenix Suns, LeBron James suddenly came out and announced he and the Lakers are both boycotting the playoffs in the name of social justice.

“I talked to the guys, and we all agreed: the playoffs are racist and white supremacist, and we won’t be going this year,” James said during a post-game press conference. “I just think it’s really problematic that all these other teams are supporting the playoffs despite my brave stand for social justice.”

“The Lakers are I are making this courageous stand here, and it’s hard to believe so many other teams are participating in the playoffs.”

“But didn’t you guys just, like, get eliminated from the playoffs? How is this a stand for social justice?” asked one reporter. James immediately flopped on the ground and screamed, claiming the reporter had punched him in the face. She was removed from the room by referees.

James then popped back up and clarified that he won’t rule out going next year, should the NBA address all the issues of racism and white supremacy, and also should his team actually make the playoffs.

DeSantis Decides To Allow Biological Men To Compete In Women’s Sports As Long As They Wear High Heels

From The Babylon Bee:

TALLAHASSEE, FL—After receiving some pushback from trans activists on his bill to ban biologically male athletes from women’s sports, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has relented and decided to allow males to compete with women, as long as they also wear women’s high heels when doing so.

“I think this is a decent compromise,” said DeSantis. “If a dude thinks he’s a woman, it’s only fair that he wear obnoxiously feminine clothes while doing so. Trans-women should be required to wear 5-in stilettos while competing with their fellow women. Come to think of it, we should probably make them dress in full drag as well, so they can fully honor their gender expression.”

Trans activists responded with an uproar, calling the proposal unreasonable.

According to opponents of Desantis’s proposal, some trans-women may struggle to run in high heels in spite of their massive man muscles, due to the fact that some may not be used to walking in high heels. For this reason, they have decided the proposal is unfair.

The bill has passed and millions of Floridians are already purchasing tickets to watch biological men try to run in high-heels.

MLB Umpire Ejects Catcher For Making Multiple Racist Gestures

From The Babylon Bee:

Entire Water Polo Team Drowns Kneeling For National Anthem

From The Babylon Bee:

Tom Brady is the left’s worst nightmare, by Dex Bahr

Tom Brady is probably the greatest football player who’s ever played the game, but he supported Donald Trump. In the eyes of the left, that cancels out all the MVP awards and championships, the most recent of which he won last Sunday at the age of 43. From Dex Bahr at

Soon after Super Bowl LV, I texted a good friend of mine that Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady is every leftist’s worst nightmare: he is successful, a winner, and a Trump-supporter, and worst of all, he is a white man.  For a little context, I pretty much boycotted the NFL this year because of politics, do not watch corporate media, and had not read any websites or blogs after the game, but one thing I do know is how the left thinks.

Let me go on the record by saying that until about four years ago, I couldn’t stand Tom Brady.  I used to root for every one of Patriot’s opponents.  My reasons for not liking him: He was successful, a winner, and a good-looking guy with a supermodel wife.  I suppose, like most guys who wanted Brady to lose, I was jealous.

Yeah, it really just came down to stupid petty jealousy, and it’s pretty embarrassing to admit.

So what changed?

Two things changed my mind about Tom Brady.  First, he and Coach Bill Belichick were vocal in their support of then-candidate Donald Trump in 2015, and second, I realized that it was pretty stupid to loathe someone because he wins.  After all, isn’t it great to win and to constantly seek that goal?

I then came to the realization that anyone who works hard and succeeds in any endeavor should be emulated, not ridiculed.  We used to love winners in America, but I guess these days, winners have to be a member of a minority group for it to count and not a white man who keeps his political opinions mostly to himself.

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Will Woke Jocks Kill the Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs? by Robert Weissberg

There are a lot of people who watch sports to watch sports, not to be subjected to political sermons. From Robert Weissberg at

The fabulously rich often develop appetites for foods whose cost far exceeds what ordinary folk can possibly imagine–$295 hamburgers and $1782 slices of pie.

Many of today’s professional athletes, particularly in football and basketball (slightly less in baseball) likewise possess an extravagant appetite. This super-expensive gourmet item is the Goose whose golden eggs enrich these jocks. Now, thanks to their seemingly irrepressible hostility to American values and traditions, they are determined to kill and eat the Goose, perhaps by taking a knee on its neck. Ironically, these rich athletes seem unaware that those they denounce for a litany of race-related sins fund their extraordinary incomes. Do millionaire woke athletes believe that watching the NBA or NFL is so genetically hard-wired that the American public is terminally hooked?

Following the NBA or NFL is not an addiction. Eating the Goose may soon be replaced by jobs at Walmart and dining at McDonalds.

Prior to World War II professional basketball and football barely existed as spectator sports. Americans flocked to boxing and horse racing, not the Decatur Staleys, the forerunner of the NFL Chicago Bears. Public attention is fickle, and today’s Super Bowl mania may eventually be forgotten like when 120,557 fans packed Sesquicentennial Stadium in Philadelphia to watch the 1926 Dempsey-Tunney heavy-weight championship fight.

To understand today’s extraordinary salaries and why this affluence is hardly eternal, consider sports prior to TV. In a nutshell, it is TV revenue, directly and indirectly, that has generated these salaries and allows Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors to earn $40,281,758 while even mediocre player earn $10 million. Correctly understood, Curry is a TV star who just happens to play basketball,

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Sports and the Election, by Bionic Mosquito

Once upon a time sports were sports. Apparently a lot of fans don’t appreciate that sports has become a series of political statements, and they’re not watching the games. Is it a harbinger of 2020 election? Probably. From the Bionic Mosquito at

Interesting results from a recent Gallup poll, tracking Americans’ views of various business and industry sectors.  Gallup measured the views on twenty-five sectors, asking if the views were very positive, somewhat positive, neutral, somewhat negative or very negative.

Of the twenty-five sectors, first a look at those whose net rating (net positive minus net negative) was the lowest:

The federal government is at the bottom.  I would like to be happy about this, but we don’t know if it is because people feel it is doing too much or not enough.  In any case, Pharmaceutical and sports aren’t much above it, with most of the remaining cellar-dwellers in industries that work to shove garbage down our throats.

Focusing in on sports, what is really interesting is how far it has fallen in one year; no industry has fallen further:

Even more interesting, the change in net score for the sports category in a year is negative in every mentioned grouping:

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The End Of The Beginning, by the Zman

Sports has often been called a microcosm of society, but that may never be more true than now. From the Zman at

For months now, the more cynical have suggested the lock downs will continue into the fall, as the hysteria has become something of a religion. The facts on the ground are useful to the panic party in so far as they can be used to support the idea that this plague is a curse sent from nature because of Trump. They hope the self-inflicted suffering will purge the lands of orange come November. Word now comes that they plan to cancel college footballthis week.

There’s no public health reason for cancelling college sports this fall or for keeping the kids of campus, which many colleges are doing. Many colleges will be on-line only this fall, meaning it will be a full year of virtual learning for their students. It was not that long ago when these very same colleges said on-line learning was terrible. Students needed personal interaction with their teachers and fellow students. Like so much that comes from the Left, that was true only while it was useful.

As far as college football, the plan was to minimize attendance at the games and make sure the players were tested on a daily basis. The only thing missing from the regime was daily dips into vats of hand sanitizer. Despite it all, the people who run big time college sports have been bullied into shutting down. This should put to rest that the people behind this stuff are motivated by money or power. They are tossing away billions and their grip on millions of people’s attention.

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Dispatches from the War: New York, Trump, Physical Freaks, by Jon Rappoport

There’s hardly a spark of life in America, none of the independent spirit that once made it great. From Jon Rappoport at

Take a deep breath. Ready? In today’s episode of the current president in the iron mask, and a 77-year-old physical freak, Biden, with a brain aneurysm (and twelve doctors) who won’t make it through the swearing-in ceremony if he’s elected, leaving the fate of the nation to one Kamala Harris; and a country smoking in ruins, sold out by Fauci to the Chinese—hold your horses, no self-respecting B studio will green-light this mess, it could never happen, this is America, this is the land of the rednecks with big guns ready to invade governors’ offices alongside coiffed soccer moms who see their kiddies quarantined and locked down in schools after several snot-bubble sneezing third graders test positive on a viral assay geared to inflate case numbers…

What do they have on President Trump? Is it his taxes? Something much worse? A night in a hotel room? I’m asking, because the US GDP has just dropped more than 30 percent this past quarter—the greatest collapse in US history. Bar none. And what is the president saying, what is he doing? Besides wearing a black mask. And talking about operation warp speed to develop a killer Gates vaccine. And wondering whether the presidential election should be postponed.

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Sports Entertainment, by the Zman

People find it easier and easier to do without sports as time goes on, and the sports industry will find it harder and harder to get those people back. From the Zman at

Last week, the Wisconsin athletic director sent out a letter to supporters that the university would lose 60-70 million dollars this year due to the reduction in football games being played in the fall. If the season is cancelled, the losses will top 100 million just for the fall. That may be an exaggeration, but there is no question that a cancellation of the college football season will cost the big-time college programs tens of millions in revenue. It is a billion-dollar industry.

ZeroHedge pointed out that ESPN has a billion dollars in ad space to sell for this fall’s college football season. They also have ad space for other sports as well, but college football is the prime mover of ad space. It is unlikely that ad buyers will want to buy ads when ESPN is running replays of card games this fall. ESPN’s primary income stream is mandatory cable fees, they net close to nine billion in fees every year, but a billion dollars in ad revenue still counts for something.

Of course, everyone knows no one is watching ESPN at the moment, but that has no impact on the cable fees. The way it works is a service like Hulu of Comcast pays ESPN nine dollars per month for each subscriber to their service. These deals are not contingent on viewership. As ZeroHedge points out, the language in these deals does not require the content provider to deliver particular content. As long as ESPN is beaming something, they get paid for it.

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