Fossil Fuel? Or Not? by Mark Reynolds

Have you ever heard of abiotic oil? The supply of it may be almost infinite. From Mark Reynolds at

Oil scarcity…is it another lie? Another scam being played out on the people of the Earth?

The other day while listening to Tucker Carlson, he used the term “fossil fuel” which seems to still be in common use when speaking of where oil comes from. WHY did he use it?

It was typically understood for a long time that oil and gas was supposedly formed from the remains of “prehistoric” plants and animals buried millions of years ago. Thus the term “fossil fuels”. Now we know that oil and gas can be formed abiotically through subterranean heat and pressure, and that the Earth contains a virtually endless supply – oil really is a “renewable” energy. Why is this not common knowledge? Is it to keep the price of oil high by making people BELIEVE it is rare and non renewable?

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One response to “Fossil Fuel? Or Not? by Mark Reynolds

  1. Re: Mark Reynolds “Fossil Fuel? Or Not?”

    Few arguments match the sheer cringe-worthiness of claims that the 2020 November elections were fair and unblemished by fraud, but Mark Reynolds sure gives it a try.

    I hope he doesn’t quit his day job: he future career as a petroleum geologist does not look promising for him.



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