Russia Derangement Syndrome Trumps All, by Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon

Destruction is all they know. From Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon at

Destroying the planet to save Ukraine

Saving Ukraine from Russia has become more important to Western leaders than saving the planet from climate change, more important than keeping their populations from freezing in the dark, more important than the viability of Western industries, and more important even than avoiding the risk of an all-out nuclear war between the West and Russia.

An early indication of the West’s loss of all perspective where Russia is concerned—call it Russia Derangement Syndrome—occurred in the United States after Donald Trump was elected president. Large swaths of the public, including virtually all Democrats and the legacy media, embraced a fantasy known as Russian Collusion, which asserted that Russia had colluded with the Trump campaign to install him as president. The fantasy persisted for three years until 2019, when Russian Collusion was confirmed to be a hoax perpetrated by Trump’s rival for the 2016 presidency, Hillary Clinton.

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