The Circus – A Chicken – And The Human Spirit, by Ray Jason

There will always be people who won’t get with the globalist cult’s program . . . and who will survive. From Ray Jason at

For several years I have been haunted by a simple photograph that I saw only one time. The image itself is not complicated, and yet its deeper meaning has eluded me and taunted me – like a riddle inside a dream.

In the photo we see a few children waiting in line at the ticket booth of a traveling circus. But instead of paying with money, each of the youngsters is offering something of real value. One has a basket of eggs, another a loaf of bread, and the third child is holding a live chicken.

The reason these kids are not buying their tickets with cash, is because they are trapped in the hyperinflation nightmare of Weimar Germany in the 1930s. We have all seen the black and white pictures of fathers pushing wheelbarrows full of Deutchmarks to the store with the hopes of feeding their families.

I just spent many hours on various search engines trying to locate that circus photo, but I failed. However, is it not the writer’s task to paint a word picture as vividly as real life? So here is what I saw in that sepia-frozen moment in time.


The joy on the faces of the children is almost beatific as they wait their turn to present their offering like the Magi of old. From the benevolent smile of the woman in the booth, I suspect that she accepted every item – no matter how humble.

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