Humor, the Weapon That’s Going to Defeat Them

h/t The Burning Platform

cant afford gas by 60k electric car higher interest rate grid not ready handle

fauci killing freedom only took one little prick

pelosi terrified by jan 6th fine active war zone ukraine

kamala harris tell gender pronouns what color your suit

liberals destroying environment car electric power plant

covid ukraine monkeypox brainwashing hypnosis

liberalism about control health care speech guns eat

police report vehicle psychopath

newspaper half sizebused to piblish both sides story

job interview spectrum cable installer 6 hours late interview

tweet how brittany griner would sleep if you were in a russian prison baby

message take off mask smell the bs

people us government jail weed russian war criminal for womans basketball player jail for weed

tesla drivers avoid charging cars government

biden tshirt i crash bikes and economies

babylon bee capitol police in terror as held door for protesters

exactly like commies raise gas price 150 percent lower 10 grateful

liberals media biden doesnt control gas prices fall all him

tweet biden voters turn off ac first help climate

quote chappelle more say cant speak more urgent to say it

murdered someone dog cool cat me too



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