Red Wave Ahead: Biden’s Paxlovid Nightmare Exposes the Need to Make Doctors Great Again, by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

A once great profession has been turned into a herd of docile government functionaries. From Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, at

I was a Democrat until Democrats denied the world the drug that could have ended the pandemic in exchange for profit and power, killing millions (and lying about me every single day).

Today, while giving a speech on the South Lawn of the White House touting his signing of a $200 billion semiconductor chips legislation, President Joe Biden “could barely utter one sentence without stopping to cough for minutes on end.

President Biden, said by his doctor to be a “healthy, vigorous” seventy-nine-year-old man, finally left White House quarantine yesterday for Delaware, declared free of the covid-19 virus and re-joining his wife after a nightmarish 19-day covid ordeal. But today, while giving a speech on the White House South Lawn, he couldn’t stop coughing for minutes at a time, though his doctors declared him this morning free of the virus. Don’t say I didn’t warn you: You are about to enter Clown World.

Coughing, fatigue, a sore throat, runny nose, and body aches dogged the president after his July 21 positive covid test. He was given Paxlovid, the absurdly flawed but highly profitable Pfizer drug approved by his administration for treatment of mild covid cases. Biden was reported cleared of the virus, then suffered a rebound infection July 30 known, along with many perilous drug interactions, to be associated with Paxlovid. Dr. Robert Malone and other scientists speculated that in fact the virus never left the president’s body but kept dangerously mutating, “truly the worst case scenario for a single mechanism of action drug used as a therapy against COVID-19.” Dangerous for us all.

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