Nine Subtle Hints Your Wife May Be Mad At You

From The Babylon Bee:

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Women are such unbelievably mysterious creatures, trying to figure out when one is mad at you can be, well, maddening! To help, we at the Babylon Bee have collected these very subtle clues to help men know when trouble is afoot.

  1. She says, “Hey, I’m mad at you right now” – If you listen carefully, you can pick up on this vague hint.
  2. Above your house is a skywriter currently forming the words “I’m mad at you” – Keep a keen eye out for this understated red flag.
  3. A toaster is currently hurtling towards your head – A good example of what psychologists like to call a “non-verbal” cue.
  4. She says, “Everything is fine”, but she is weeping and pounding her fists on a couch pillow – Eh, probably nothing since she said everything is fine.

One response to “Nine Subtle Hints Your Wife May Be Mad At You

  1. You lost me at Husband.


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