Finally, One Honest Doctor Comes Forward to Report the Death and Devastating Injuries Linked to the COVID-19 Vaccine, by Wayne Allyn Root

Straight from the mouth of a doctor who is seeing it firsthand: the Covid vaccines are killing and seriously injuring many people. From Wayne Allyn Root at

It’s really that bad. I believe the COVID-19 vaccine is clearly the worst medical experiment and health care disaster in history. The results are all around us. Just tune in to the news. Or sports. Or TMZ. Celebrities, athletes, even doctors are dropping dead left and right — in numbers never seen in history.

If you don’t believe me, why not ask the life insurance executives? They’re reporting deaths up anywhere from 20% to 40% since the vaccines debuted. These are non-COVID-19 deaths. This is a number never seen in history. Even during World War II, deaths were not up by 20% to 40% across the USA. Not even close.

Recently, I reported on my personal experience. So many of my friends and even wedding guests (from just this past November) are dead, dying or very sick. It’s a cluster of cancer, heart attacks, strokes and serious illness — but only among the vaccinated. No one I know who is unvaccinated is sick. Not one person.

Then just days ago, I reported on seven doctors who died suddenly in Canada in a 14-day period. All not just vaccinated, but based on Canadian mandates, almost certainly quadruple vaccinated. Included in that remarkable list are five dead doctors — all young — who died within just a few days of one another in one city: Toronto.

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