Impressions of Donald Trump, by Edward Curtin

Donald Trump is the embodiment of ephemeral celebrity culture, hated and loved for his image, not his hard-to-pin-down substance. From Edward Curtin at

Neurosis to a greater or lesser degree is the norm in western industrialized societies. Drawing on this fact is the key to effective propaganda. It is well known that neurotics always return to the place they are running away from.

It’s a circle game of frustration in which being frustrated is actually the “solution,” because the real problems cannot be faced.  The Donald Trump phenomenon is an example of this on a social level.

Everybody knows that Trump is loved or hated in equal measure.  And everyone knows he dominates the minds of those who love or hate him, just as the media endlessly focuses on him in a way that only very obtuse people would fail to analyze.

The media made Trump and he is their gold mine and the key to the effective propaganda they run for their masters in high finance and the intelligence agencies.

Although his image seems big and bold and brazen, it is like an Impressionist painting that, as the art critic John Berger writes in The Eyes of Claude Monet:

…is painted in such a way that you are compelled to recognize that it is no longer there …. You cannot enter an Impressionist painting; instead it extracts your memories.  In a sense it is more active than you – the passive viewer is being born; what you receive is taken from what happens between you and it.  No more within it.”

Like Trump, the impression is fugitive, here and gone, vague and precise.  It’s meaning is fleeting.  Mutation and flux and the evanescence of appearances are its essence.  As with Trump, nothing is really clear, although many claim it is.

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