Sabotage Clue, by Good Citizen

Who benefits the most from the Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2 explosions? From Good Citizen at

Mister Frogmen, with the UUV-C4, in the Baltic. Just like they rehearsed. What next?

To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.

— Henry Kissinger

Watching the hysteria the past twenty-four hours and reading the speculation around yesterday’s NS1 and NS2 pipeline sabotage has been plenty entertaining. If state-sponsored ecological and economic terrorism can be considered entertainment now. Such are the times we’re living in.

The magnitude of what happened yesterday will be lost on those whose brains are so bludgeoned, they don’t know Bering straight from the Baltic sea from Morton’s sea salt. They’ll briefly glance at the headlines while flicking their thumbs across their $1500 “smartphones” they’re paying through 48 monthly installments and see Putin’s name in the headlines and nod approvingly.

Duh! Of course, Putin did it. The guy’s like, totally evil and stuff.

Twenty years of European energy planning, investment, and security for a prosperous future is gone because the Great Reset’s sustainable revolution won’t reset itself and the U.S. dollar is under assault from a rising BRICS.

Fading empires are dangerous.

The entire chessboard of western geopolitical maneuvering was just annihilated in one night with three explosions.

$2 Trillion in energy and economic sabotage done by “allies”.

With friends like these.

For anyone who thinks Russia did this, let’s quickly detonate that option in one word:


The ONLY leverage Russia had over Europe after endless economic sanctions and the EU robbing billions in Russian wealth at the behest of Neoliberal lunatics in London and D.C., was energy. Oil and Gas. Specifically Natural Gas to the EU’s largest economy, Germany.

That’s now gone. Kaput. Likely forever.

So Russia blew up its own pipelines and thereby obliterated its energy and economic leverage over the bloc and its last hope of a negotiated settlement and end to sanctions and maybe recover billions of frozen Russian Euros and Gold?

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