The Mainstream Hoaxes are Wearing Thin

h/t The Automatic Earth

2 responses to “The Mainstream Hoaxes are Wearing Thin

  1. And, don’t forget, the Ukrainian army will be at the gates of Moscow shortly! LOL!!


  2. If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.
    I fell for zero of the enemedia Bolshevik agitprop and when passing by drooling family members who still watch greasy haired smoke and mirrors con artists, the laughter is good.
    Remember the Don Henley track Dirty Laundry, it was a favorite as a lil’ shaver.
    Eminence Front by the Who is another good one and Van Morrison has The Great Deception on Hard Nose the Highway but it is about the rockers of that era.


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