We Don’t Have Amnesia – So You Won’t Have Your Amnesty, by Ray Jason

Ray Jason well captures the overwhelming anger. From Jason at theseagypsyphilosopher.blogspot.com:

This is my response to the recent article in THE ATLANTIC magazine entitled “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty.” I have a superior idea. Let’s arrest, try and prosecute those who committed Crimes against Decency, Common Sense and Humanity.

The essay is written by Emily Oster, who most definitely was not an innocent bystander during the WuFlu Paranoia Op. In fact, she might easily qualify for the Obnoxious Karen Hall of Fame. In her Twitter comments she sounds like a kindergarten teacher scolding us for breaking our crayons. Here are some examples:

I think governors should consider a short term lock-down over Thanksgiving week”

“If you’re pregnant and un-vaccinated, get vaccinated.”

“Maybe vaccine requirements for things you want to do – domestic air/train travel, work, sports events. Yes.”

But she would prefer that these tweets disappear down the Memory Hole. That’s because her motivation in writing this essay is not to make a heart-felt confession that could lead to societal healing. Her actual desire is to … cover her ass!

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One response to “We Don’t Have Amnesia – So You Won’t Have Your Amnesty, by Ray Jason

  1. Hardly anyone east of the Hudson cares.
    Virture signal away your own forgiveness and then fork over eight dollars we won’t forget the insane power grab fundamental transformation on steroids.
    Ordered by Herr Klaus or CCP doesn’t matter, traitor quisling Long Marchers get no mercy.


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