Association Between Vaccines and EXCESS MORTALITY Getting Stronger — and is Discussed in UK Parliament, by Igor Chudov

The association between Covid vaccines and excess mortality gets strong over time. That’s not supposed to happen. From Igor Chudov at

Association Becoming Strangely Stronger — and More Worrying

While we will be discussing the most unwelcome news of increased death rates, I am happy to report that a leading British Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen brought up, in the UK parliament no less, the relationship between vaccination and excess deaths.

Even a casual glance at the data shows that there’s a VERY STRONG CORRELATION between excess DEATHS & the level of vaccine uptake in that country. Surely we must have an investigation? These are 10s of thousands of PEOPLE who are DYING.

Please watch his speech below.

After this speech, Andrew was suspended from Parliament for 7 days for a supposedly “unrelated offense.”)

Where did Andrew Bridgen get his (correct) idea? I am not sure, but I posted an original analysis statistically tying “excess mortality” to vaccination rate by country on August 30, 2022.

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