“That mRNA “vaccines” cause cells to produce spike proteins is a fairy tale”, by Torsten Engelbrecht

Here’s a different take on the mRNA “vaccines” and the mechanism that’s injuring and killing so many people. From Torsten Engelbrecht at off-guardian.org:

Stefano Scoglio, top expert in microbiology and Italy’s most prestigious and best-known critic of the Corona policy, interviewed by Torsten Engelbrecht

Torsten Engelbrecht: Everybody seems to agree that the mRNA injections work by teaching our cells to make spike proteins. The only dispute is whether these spike proteins produced are harmless or harmful. But in your opinion, it is not the spike proteins that do these health damages. In fact, you say that the idea that spike proteins are produced is a kind of a chimera. What evidence is there to support your thesis?

Stefano Scoglio: This is scientifically evident already from the fact that it’s impossible for mRNA to enter the cell and produce anything. Anybody who talks about spike proteins and embraces the story diffused by the pharmaceutical companies just accepts that as given. But nobody is reading the damned scientific literature.

In my book Apandemia: Dalla Falsa Scienza alla più Grande Truffa della Storia (“No Pandemic: From False Science to the Greatest Scam in History”, cover see below), I report all the scientific literature up to 2021. That is at the same time that the Corona “vaccines” were released.

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