This Is How Russia Fights Wars, by Marinus

This is how Russia is demolishing Ukraine with methodical efficiency. From Marinus at

First, some truly wonderful  Russian war porn. (I love Putin’s “HOORAH!” at the beginning!)

I recall at the very beginning of the war a bunch of CNN douchebag retards mocking the Russian missile salvos …. that they were miniscule and pathetic when compared to ‘Murika’s “shock & awe” in Iraq. And, that right there, explains America’s total failure in this war; Americentrism. By that made-up word I mean our military leader’s myopic view that The American  Way is the ONLY way. We don’t even make the smallest of attempts to understand ANYTHING (war, politics, economics, etc) from The Other’s point of view. According to Sun Tzu this is why we’ve lost ever war since WWII, and why we will lose in Ukraine, and why we will lose future wars. We are led by dumbfuk morans.

Byline: Know Your Enemy: Understanding Threat Actors

You are about to read one of the most intelligent analysis of Russian War Doctrine ever. According to the owner of the blog where this appeared it was written by an anonymous contributor named “Marinus“, and appeared in the August 2022 issue of   Marine Corps Gazette  It caused quite a ruckus!  It is believed that Marinus — “is none other that USMC Lt. Gen. (ret) Paul K. Van Riper, a long-revered champion of many Marines, and a prominent proponent of the so-called “Maneuverists” – a school of military thought strongly influenced by the work of the incomparable military strategist John R. Boyd.”  Well, here a go … ENJOY!!!

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The Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Maneuverist Paper No. 22: Part II: The mental and moral realms
 by Marinus

When considered as purely physical phenomena, the operations conducted by Russian ground forces in Ukraine in 2022 present a puzzling picture. In the north of Ukraine, Russian battalion tactical groups overran a great deal of territory but made no attempts to convert temporary occupation into permanent possession. Indeed, after spending five weeks in that region, they left as rapidly as they had arrived. In the south, the similarly rapid entry of Russian ground forces led to the establishment of Russian garrisons and the planting of Russian political, economic, and cultural institutions. In the third theater of the war, rapid movements of the type that characterized Russian operations on the northern and southern fronts rarely occurred. Instead, Russian formations in eastern Ukraine conducted artillery-intensive assaults to capture relatively small pieces of ground.

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  1. Good read, thank you.


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