miscalibration or misinformation? By el gato malo

To say that some conspiracy theories turn out to be actual conspiracies does not mean they all do. Unfortunately, the credibility developed by uncovering the real ones can be destroyed by those who knowingly peddle the false ones. From el gato malo at boriquagato.com:

explaining the sudden surge in wild conspiracy theories (and how to respond)

2020-22 was the uncontested heyday of conspiracy theorizing. that poorly chosen epithet was used to try to discredit so many people opposing public health and public control/propaganda narratives that the term flat out jumped the shark and being accused of “conspiracy theory” became a high probability marker of “on the right track for things that would get proven in a couple of months.”

it was an odd and (at least in my lifetime) unprecedented inversion driven by just how wild and blatant the misinformational flow from the public sector and the mediasphere that carries water for it became. (or perhaps just how its surge in intrusiveness woke everyone up to the nature of this beast)

never had so many demanded such uncritical acceptance of so much ill conceived twaddle with so little foundational basis.

and the overton window shifted. bigly.

many who used to “trust the experts” found themselves on an entirely different path.

and some actually, no fooling around conspiracies were unearthed and continue to be.

and this is a good thing.

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