mRNA Covid booster campaigns have flamed out. Will lower excess mortality follow? By Alex Berenson

Let’s hope some of the explaining of all the fake science and the real science that’s finally emerged with regard to Covid is done in criminal trials and civil suits, under oath. From Alex Berenson at

New datapoints suggest yes. A continuing trend will be VERY good news – and even harder for Covid vaccine advocates to explain.

New evidence of a link between all-cause mortality and mRNA Covid vaccines is arriving – for an unexpectedly hopeful reason.

After a short burst of booster shots earlier this fall, people in highly mRNA vaccinated countries are resoundingly rejecting more jabs. The $100-billion-plus experiment with novel Covid vaccines is finally grinding to a halt.

Now death rates, which have run 15 to 20 percent above normal in the mRNA countries all year, may be dropping somewhat too.

The figures are fragmentary, but promising.

Just a few hours ago, Victoria, Australia, which comes closer than anywhere else in the world to counting actual deaths in real time, reported 3,736 deaths in November. That figure was only about 5 percent above the 2016-2021 average – well below monthly increases from earlier in the year.

Last Thursday, a European consortium called EuroMOMO said its most recent weekly estimates “show elevated but decreasing level of excess mortality.”


Of course, the trend is only in its earliest stages, and may yet reverse. But if it continues, the trend will be the strongest evidence yet that the mRNA shots themselves – not “long Covid” or other potential factors – have driven deaths higher this year in the countries that used them.

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