Peace Is Not Our Profession, by William J. Astore

There is a significant contingent in the U.S. government that really wants to see what a nuclear war would be like. From William J. Astore at

The Madness of Nuclear Warfare, Alive and Well in America

Hey, cheer up because it truly is a beauty! I’m talking about this country’s latest “stealth bomber,” the B-21 Raider, just revealed by Northrop Grumman, the company that makes it, in all its glory. With its striking bat-winged shape and its ability to deliver a very big bang (as in nuclear weapons), it’s our very own “bomber of the future.” As Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin put it at its explosive debut, it will “fortify America’s ability to deter aggression, today and into the future.” Now, that truly makes me proud to be an American.

And while you’re at it, on this MAD (as in mutually assured destruction) world of ours, let that scene, that peculiar form of madness, involving the potential end of everything on Planet Earth, sink in. As a retired Air Force officer, it reminded me all too vividly of my former service and brought to mind the old motto of the Strategic Air Command (SAC), “Peace Is Our Profession.” Headed in its proudest years by the notorious General Curtis LeMay, it promised “peace” via the threat of the total nuclear annihilation of America’s enemies. 

SAC long controlled two “legs” of this country’s nuclear triad: its land-based bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles, or ICBMs. During the Cold War, those Titans, Minutemen, and MX “Peacekeepers” were kept on constant alert, ready to pulverize much of the planet at a moment’s notice. It didn’t matter that this country was likely to be pulverized, too, in any war with the Soviet Union. What mattered was remaining atop the nuclear pile. A concomitant benefit was keeping conventional wars from spinning out of control by threatening the nuclear option or, as was said at the time, “going nuclear.” (In the age of Biden, it’s “Armageddon.”)

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3 responses to “Peace Is Not Our Profession, by William J. Astore

  1. These things happen when there are state of the art doomsday bunkers and the “I don’t work for you” attitude among nomenklatura apparatchiks.
    End of the line for the smoke and mirrors Potemkin democracy kabuki.
    Hopefully there are some of those Blue Brothers elementary school desks in the local courthouse or library basement for muh uncivil defense.


  2. “…fortify America’s ability to deter aggression, today and into the future. Now, that truly makes me proud to be an American.”

    on the first part: on ‘deterring aggression’, has the loudmouth ever heard of our southern border, or is he just an ignoramus?

    on the second part: i suppose the owner of that statement just loves killing people we do not know and who have done us nothing. as to me, all my govt has done is make me angry, not proud.


  3. All I want IF the nuts at the helm push the all mighty BIG RED BUTTON, is for the first strike to be over the top of my home with me in it. I would much rather go in a blaze of glory than hang around waiting for my face to fall off. I visited a Minute Man Missile museum and the curators allowed the group to run through a dry run of a launch. I was the 2nd person on the big red button, standing next to number one that was a young lady. We turned the keys and did the count down for a perfect simulated launch. It left a mark and the young woman even started crying. Chilling experience. I wouldn’t want the responsibility of playing with potentially millions of lives. My gratitude for those that maned those systems was greatly increased. That job just might take a toll on the nerves.


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