The Age Of Amnesia, by Jeffrey Tucker

Those who conveniently forget should have no hope of being forgiven. From Jeffrey Tucker at The Epoch Times via

The main defense of Anthony Fauci in his legal deposition this month was pretty simple: he forgot. He said that he couldn’t recall nearly 200 times and versions of that many more. He said that he was so busy running his huge agency plus shepherding vaccines that he couldn’t possibly remember this or that email implicating him in a censorship scheme. He gets thousands of emails a day and there is no reason to think any in particular would grab his attention.

It’s all a bit implausible because we saw him on TV several times a day for the better part of three years. He was the hard-working actor out there. I do TV and interviews several times per week but I try my best to throttle them back and turn many down simply because they truly drain away energy and focus from other work. In short, they are all-consuming. The notion that he neglected issues of message in favor of serious science is an incredibly obvious strain on credulity.

So what was the point of this line of answer? Yes, he wants to save his skin. No question about that. But it occurs to me that there is another point too. He wants to model for the nation and the world how to think about the whole of the last three years. His view is that everyone should forget about it.

You have surely noticed this happening ever since the opening following lockdowns and the rest. We are all just supposed to forget. We are supposed to move on. I’ve heard already a thousand times that we never had a lockdown. There seems to be little in the way of official memory of two years of school closures or the shutting of churches on holidays.

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2 responses to “The Age Of Amnesia, by Jeffrey Tucker

  1. So which is it as there is now talk of new “scariants” coming out of CCP/PRC land while eugenicist Gill Bates games out catastrophic contagion scenarios.
    Some of us have an attention span beyond three seconds and there will be no forgiveness and no mercy.


  2. he is a liar just like his fellow murderers – YES, murderers, foisting a killing agent via decree – and deserves what they all deserve: derision, contempt and jail time, some for the rest of their putrid, useless lives.


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