Is Africa the Covid Smoking Gun? Part 2, from Worldly Turnings

Africa has some of the lowest Covid vaccination rates in the world. It also has some of the lowest Covid rates in the world. From Worldly Turnings at

Article at a Glance

  • Sub Sahara Africa continues to have the lowest Covid mortality in the world due to low vaccination rates and use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for preventive treatment.
  • Existing protocols for Covid treatment and prevention kill many more people per 1,000,000 in Western Nations with sophisticated healthcare systems than in African Countries with poor healthcare infrastructures.
  • The United States has the highest healthcare costs in the world by an extraordinary margin, but these expenditures are wasted with accepted Covid protocols.
  • Use of Vaccines, masks and lockdowns that lower exposure to Vit D are not just a bad decision by most Worldwide health organizations, they may be for depopulation given the information on vaccines deaths and overall Covid mortality available to the healthcare community.
  • The intentional depopulation of the planet can be disproved if Africa is forcefully provided with Worldwide protocols for Covid (now in process) and people are convinced that the large increases in worldwide mortality we are seeing in Life Insurance data are caused not be the Vaccine but by the infection itself, which results in a novel concept called “Long Covid”.

I wrote an article in December 2021 about what I called the “Africa Smoking Gun” regarding Covid death rates worldwide. Up until then, little if anything had been written even in the Conservative and Alt-Press about the “Smoking Gun” proof of an apparently intentional genocide. This is a follow-up to that article to report on the accuracy of that hypothesis using current Covid mortality data.

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