On Damar Hamlin, mRNA shots, and spin, by Alex Berenson

By now collapsing athletes have become routine. The only thing not routine about Damar Hamlin was that he collapsed on a Monday Night Football game, a first. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

A young man collapsed playing football before our eyes last night; and the immediate public response of those who have pressed Covid vaccines was to seek an explanation that did not involve the jabs.

For Covid vaccine supporters, Monday night marked a new low.

Maybe you saw the play firsthand. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin tackled Cincinnati Bengals receiver Tee Higgins. The hit was violent, but nothing extraordinary, a routinely violent hit in a routinely violent game where players regularly break bones and knock each other out.

Hamlin stood. He took a half-step. Then he collapsed onto his back. He didn’t try to protect himself as he went down. Within seconds, everyone on the field understood this was not a typical football injury.

I didn’t see Hamlin’s collapse live. I turned the game on maybe three minutes later. (I was unaware of what had happened. I just wanted to watch the Bills and Bengals.) ABC was in commercial, came back, and quickly cut to commercial again. When they returned again an ambulance was on the field and the announcers were speaking in the quiet tones that mean disaster has struck.

When I saw the video of what had happened, my immediate reaction – beyond fear for Hamlin’s life – was, I suspect, the same as most of yours. Had Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest? Were the mRNA vaccines ultimately responsible, perhaps by causing myocarditis that left him vulnerable?

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2 responses to “On Damar Hamlin, mRNA shots, and spin, by Alex Berenson

  1. Nothing to see here. Coincidentio Cordis.
    Move along, yes we can.


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