Should Russia Take the War to NATO States? By Finian Cunningham

The NATO states are certainly taking the war to Russia. From Finian Cunningham at

It’s certainly risky and not to be contemplated rashly. But what is the alternative?

The United States-led military bloc is a party to the conflict in Ukraine against Russia. In short, NATO is at war with Russia. So, why is Russia limiting its military targets to Ukrainian territory?

Moscow has said repeatedly that the proxy war in Ukraine between NATO and Russia has become increasingly evident from the United States and its allies pumping up to $100 billion of weaponry into the former Soviet republic. There can be no illusions about the situation.

NATO’s participation has become increasingly deeper and more concerted. Not so long ago, the U.S. was at pains to emphasize its military aid was “defensive only” and “non-lethal”. NATO member Germany was formerly ridiculed for limiting its equipment to “helmets”.

Now the United States and its allies are supplying longer-range rockets, Patriot anti-aircraft systems that could shoot down Russian fighter jets in Russian airspace, as well as delivering main battle tanks.

Ukraine’s defense minister Oleksii Reznikov boasted in an interview with the BBC that Ukraine has become a de facto member of NATO due to the panoply of weapons and military advisors it has received from the 28-nation organization.

Reznikov also recently said that Ukraine was serving on a NATO mission to defeat Russia.

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3 responses to “Should Russia Take the War to NATO States? By Finian Cunningham

  1. The short answer is no. It isn’t necessary. Many European States have just realized that Russia is not their enemy. The U.S. is!


  2. Poseidon and Zircon might pay a visit.


  3. the reality is that europe, like the u. s., will destroy itself.

    Russia: define the location of the line in ukraine, hold fast to that line and let ‘the west’ continue to destroy itself.


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