What’s the Charge? By Eric Peters

You can spend a lot of money charging an EV that won’t even get you 100 miles down the road. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

They tell us that driving an EV will reduce the cost of driving. I just got proof in the mail that it won’t – in the form of my electric bill for last month (December). That was the month I was sent three EeeeeVeeees to evaluate, beginning with the Ford Lightning pickup, followed by the Mach e “Mustang” and concluding with the Mercedes EQS.

As it happened, the latter two arrived during the coldest snap we’ve had in my area in several years, with night-time temps close to (and sometimes below) zero and daytime temps not much higher.

As I discovered – as many discovered – EeeeeVeeees like the cold like Pfizer likes the truth about its “vaccines.” Range plummeted – even when the things weren’t being driven, if they weren’t left plugged in when parked. The charge being depleted as they sat because – unlike non-electric cars – EeeeeeVeees aren’t off when they are parked. Electricity-using accessories – specifically, the heating (and cooling) systems for the battery – remain on, in order to maintain the battery at a temperature neither too cold nor too hot. This being necessary to assure the battery can be charged – and isn’t damaged.

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