He Can’t Undo What He Did, by Jim Quinn

Trump’s got a huge and probably insurmountable problem if he thinks he’s going to run in 2024. From Jim Quinn at theburningplatform.com:

He can spin it and rationalize and lie, but the vaccines are his baby. They failed miserably and are now killing and maiming millions. The blood of vaccine victims are on his hands. This fake pandemic was never going to be like 1917. He locked down the country. He kept Fauci and Birx as his top advisors. Trump can’t weasel his way out of what he did.


5 responses to “He Can’t Undo What He Did, by Jim Quinn

  1. You are right but you are also wrong. If the vaccine was his, the
    virus was not. It was supposed to be released during Hillary’s
    administration and the lockdown she would have mandated
    would have been more along the lines of New Zealand’s. Not
    ones to roll over because of a setback, it was unleashed to bring
    President Trump down. You forget his interest in Ivermectin
    et al. Yes, Fauci and crew should have been dumped, but
    imagine the media response. He was damned not matter which
    way he turned. The vax potions were already designed and
    in place for distribution, just as with the virus. The whole
    thing was gamed out long before. I agree he shouldn’t run
    again, but for a different reason. He has given enough.
    He has suffered enough. How long could any of us stood up
    to the concentrated vitriol that this Patriot did? But,
    unfortunately he is too polarizing now to command enough
    votes to win by enough of a margin to overcome the voter
    fraud and manipulation which has now been locked in place.


    • There’s a big difference between suffering the slings and arrows of politics, which Trump knew he would suffer, and either being subject to severe vaccine injury (or death) or being close to someone who has. Trump was in a position to ask questions and seek outside advice. (Dr. Scott Atlas would have been a good start.) That’s what this very bright man has done throughout his career, according to the one book of his I’ve read. (He should have ignored his dopey son-in-law and daughter entirely.) That he didn’t do so and went along with the program doesn’t sit well with the vaccine injured and their families and friends, and screw the media response. The number of vaccine injured continues to increase, and will continue to erode his base. I voted for Trump both times, but I won’t do so again, and not because he is “too polarizing.” I will vote for Ron DeSantis if I vote at all. He took the time to investigate and he challenged “the narrative.” Although he made some mistakes, they are of an order of magnitude less than Trump’s. And he took plenty of media heat for it – he still is. If you can’t stand the heat . . .


      • So I say once again, start by blaming those who are responsible
        for the virus. I am an outsider and Trump is one too. I cant say
        that about anyone who is currently in the picture. You cannot
        possibly understand what it is to live in a system where you are
        never represented. I’m a deplorable but I was smart enough not
        to be fooled into injecting a voodoo potion into my body. You are
        the intellectual here. I was a handyman for 27 years. Without
        Trump we would have gone straight down the toilet instead of
        getting the joy of circling the bowl for a while. I’d say that history
        will be his judge, but there will never be a history, except as in
        1984. I understand you are angry because you have been injured.
        I sympathize. I pray daily for my friends who were conned, so
        I will add you to my list. Maybe he was conned too. After all, he
        is only human.


        • I wasn’t injured because I didn’t take the vax. It was obvious to me that a brand new technology developed at warp speed for which the manufacturers had no liability was not anything I was going to put in my body (and Trump shouldn’t have been recommending them for those very reasons). However, people close to me did, and they’ve paid the price. I’ve made my case why I blame him and you’ve made your case why you don’t. Fine, leave at that. The only other point I contest is your statement: “You cannot possibly understand what it is to live in a system where you are never represented.” I’m living in the same system you are and I voted for Trump twice for reasons probably similar to yours.


  2. Well, we will see won’t we. I voted for Trump mostly because he was the better choice. Anyway he’s responsible for being the president and listening to the “experts”. How is that any different than all the people that trusted or still trust Fauchi and Biden? There are many reasons he probably won’t be president again, but the vaccines are low on the list of negatives. I hold the bureaucracy and our lack of citizen participation responsible, that’s the real problem. Stop treating the Gov. like your daddy. At this point it’s like the whole country has Stockholms Syndrome and Gov. is the perp.


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