Africa Is Starkly Unvaccinated, And Starkly Unvanquished By COVID, by Colleen Huber

So the continent with the lowest vaccination rate (other than Antarctica) against Covid also has the lowest Covid rate. That blows all the vaccine propaganda right out of the water. From Colleen Huber at The Epoch Times via

Let’s study that victory with utmost diligence…

Africa as a Whole Is Very Strikingly Unvaccinated, According to Johns Hopkins University, Our World in Data.

Let’s keep in mind that most striking continent on an otherwise bleak world map, as we examine the following map, which shows Africa’s burden of COVID cases since the beginning of COVID.

Here is Africa’s relative share of COVID cases since the beginning of COVID:

The Data Reports That Can Be Expected Three Years Into a Pandemic

One would reasonably expect a worldwide pandemic that began three years ago to have been recorded with some ballpark accuracy in case counts, and morbidity and mortality data throughout the world by now, as each hemisphere has been through three winters.  One would also expect that a worldwide vaccine campaign that peaked over a year ago to have resulted in reliable vaccine uptake maps.  One would expect a general consensus regarding such data.  So let’s accept the above maps as not (or not yet) disputed, and as reliable documentation of historical events of pinnacle importance, events that behoove humanity to understand well, and to understand as thoroughly as if our future well-being depends on it.

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One response to “Africa Is Starkly Unvaccinated, And Starkly Unvanquished By COVID, by Colleen Huber

  1. Is that why they want to electrify that part of the world (Africa)under a plan originally proposed under Obama?
    They are not connected to the Borg or electro agitprop as much as people in other regions.
    It is probably not the same in all 54 nations of Africa.


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