Has the War in Ukraine Reached Its Climax? By Ted Snider

Is the Biden administration tired of throwing away money on a lost cause yet? From Ted Snider at antiwar.com:

On January 25, the US announced that it would send 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. The M1 Abrams is the US’ primary battle tank and is among the most advanced and powerful tanks in the world. The Biden administration’s decision will be perceived as a serious escalation and as a commitment by the US to help Ukraine go on the offensive and drive Russia out of all of Ukraine. The reality is more nuanced and complicated.

Last week, game changing articles on the war in Ukraine were published in each of America’s two leading newspapers. But the big story was not in either of them. It was in the conjunction of the two.

A January 19 article in The Washington Post got a lot of attention for its breaking report that CIA Director William Burns secretly met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev to brief him on U.S. expectations for Russian military plans. But that is not a breaking story. It has long been known that the US is sharing intelligence with Ukraine.

The game changing story was the message Burns brought Zelensky that was revealed in a line that received much less attention. “People familiar with the meeting” told The Post that “Burns emphasized the urgency of the moment on the battlefield and acknowledged that at some point assistance would be harder to come by.”

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