Why Not Defund the Military? By Jacob G. Hornberger

Here’s an idea whose time has come, but too much money flows from the defense and intelligence contractors to Washington politicians and bureaucrats for it to make any headway. From Jacob G. Hornberger at fff.org:

Amidst all the talk about defunding the police, notice something important: No one talks about defunding the military. That’s because the military establishment is too powerful and has come to be accepted as a permanent feature in American life. Except for libertarians, everyone treats the military as their god.

But defunding the military, whose taxpayer-funded largess is now around $800 billion per year, is precisely what we need to do. This is especially true given the out-of-control spending, debt, and monetary debauchery that is threatening to take our country down from within, not to mention the fact that the military establishment is now doing everything it can to embroil the United States in a nuclear war with Russia, China, or both.

According to a September 7, 2022, article at Omni Financial, the United States has around 450-500 military bases here in the United States. All 50 states have at least one base. Several have dozens of bases. California has 123, Texas 59, Florida 56, Hawaii 49, and Alaska 47.

What purpose does this empire of domestic military bases serve?

Answer: It serves no purpose whatsoever. These bases all exist for their own sake — that is, simply to serve as a place for military personnel to live and work, as they spend that $800 billion in annual taxpayer-funded largess.

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One response to “Why Not Defund the Military? By Jacob G. Hornberger

  1. i have seen figures that indicate the u. s. spends more on defense than the next 50 counties after us, including Russia and China. there is very much that could be cut from that grotesque amount of spending.


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