Modern Medicine, by Hardscrabble Farmer

Looking for some common sense about medicine? Keep reading. From Hardscrabble Farmer at theburningplatform:

Here’s a problem for epidemiologists; people like me.

They told so many lies and promulgated so many ridiculous solutions to their imaginary problems that a significant portion of the population- at least in terms of raw numbers- no longer believe in virology or its basic premise. I’d never encountered the term terrain theory before in my life and assumed, like most people, that illness spread the same way smoke from a fire operates, on a level you couldn’t see, but could be exposed to just by being in the same space.

I find that notion ridiculous now and it sounds a lot more like medieval style medicine than it does reality; vapors, humors and the like. Seeing how many horrible errors they made, if it was indeed motivated by goodwill rather than as a coordinated fraud at all levels, one could only conclude that most people in the medical field were ignorant of the most basic facts regarding human health.

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