The Phone Call, by William Gudal

It would take about 30 seconds to make the world a lot better place than it is now. From SLL contributor William Gudal:

Somewhere in the Ukraine the phone rings:

“Hello, Volodymyr here”

“Hi Mr. President, Joe Biden speaking”

“So good to hear from you. It’s been days”

“It’s over”

“We have a poor connection”

“Volo, so you do not misunderstand, no more money, nor more armaments. We stand ready to help you with the transition to neutrality.”

“But . . . “

“It will all work out, Bye”

One phone call lasting less than one minute changes the world for the next 25 years. The carnage stops. The world economy abruptly changes. NATO goes home and resumes its customary barracks role, training for phantom aggression that will never come. Russia rightfully retains its warm water port on the Black Sea. The US is forced to deal with an economic competitor on a more level playing field. The danger of nuclear catastrophe lessens. Sino- Russian dialogue adjusts to a diminished likelihood of US invasion. Inexpensive energy returns to Europe. The madness of the US neocon/neo liberal dream of dismantling Russia is deferred to another day. The altar boys of Europe gain some self-respect. Money is reallocated to a frighteningly long list of US domestic needs. Germany avoids being suckered once again into a war not of its making.

In reality the US dream of dismantling Russia and picking clean its bones will require boots on the ground, lots of boots, perhaps equal to 1943 Wehrmacht levels. US military recruitment levels are woefully short of goals. Recruitment standards have been repeatedly lowered, to god knows what levels. Will the current generations of potential warriors, occupied by pronoun usage, Tik Tok gaming, smartphone updates, bathroom wars and race relations, be enticed into potentially losing their legs on a muddy farm road somewhere east of the Dneiper? Would the offer of a free iPhone 14 do it?

The 30 second phone call eliminates the charade of negotiations. There is nothing to negotiate. Unilateral self-recognition of US miscalculation exposes the insider cabal of psychopaths who have kept us on this treadmill of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen. A handful of truly insane and violent ideologues have kidnapped the future of the United States. If Joe six pack is the leader his promoters purport him to be, one phone call can prove it.


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