Immunizing Ourselves, by Eric Peters

Gold is the best antidote to central bank digital currencies. From Eric Peters at

A reader mentioned the way chicken and egg prices have been manipulated – upward – by culling flocks, ostensibly on account of some avian virus, probably as dubious as the ‘Rona but just as useful. Now comes word that the flocks are to be “vaccinated,” just as we were all supposed to have been – with the grift going straight into the pockets of the drug cartels who, conveniently, have “vaccines” at the ready.

Meanwhile, we’re paying $7 for a dozen eggs – probably soon $12.

But there is a way to immunize ourselves against this – and not just with regard to eggs and chickens – although that’s as good a place as any to start, if you’re able.

We got our own chickens – and so have our own eggs. We are immune from the grift – and our birds don’t have whatever’s-in-those-drugs coursing through their bodies and so, inevitably, ours.

We have unvaccinated chickens – and eggs.

Just as important, we are not dependent on the rent-seekers’ supply of chicken and eggs. We pay what it actually costs us to raise our birds – and get their eggs – which is less than what the corporate-owned stores charge for theirs. Over which we have no meaningful control, precisely because they are corporations – and so own practically all the stores (most of the small, independent ones having been “locked-down” out of business during the “pandemic,” which strangely was held in abeyance at those big corporate stores, which were curiously allowed to remain open).

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