The China syndrome, by Alex Berenson

Here’s an authentic feel good story, from Alex Berenson at

With no mRNA vaccines, China leaves lockdown and Covid behind in weeks – exactly the opposite of terrified Western media predictions. No wonder CNN etc are yet again ignoring reality.

The mRNA Covid jabs just suffered their most devastating takedown yet.

And they weren’t even being used.

Remember how China ended its lockdowns in December and Omicron ripped through megacities like Beiijng, causing hospitals to collapse and killing millions of people?

How China begged the United States to deliver planeloads of mRNA shots overnight because its own vaccines had failed so catastrophically?

How waves of deaths continued for months?

How a nasty variant emerged from China’s undervaccinated population, worsening its misery and causing a new worldwide Covid wave?

How the Chinese economy staggered as hundreds of millions of sick workers stayed home, setting off supply chain disruptions even worse than 2020? How oil crashed and the world fell into recession?

How long Covid turned into a threat overnight, putting tens of millions of Chinese on disability?

Oh, wait.

None of that happened.

Well, the first part – Remember how China ended its lockdowns? – did.

After three years of intermittent but very strict lockdowns, China ended its restrictions more or less overnight in December. The restrictions had hurt the economy and were even causing public protests, which are exceptionally rare in China.

Xi Jinping, China’s maximum leader (and by all accounts a lovely human being!) decided they had outlived their usefulness and the best way to get rid of them was all at once.

So he did. Dictatorship has its privileges.

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