Jan 6: The End of the Rule of Law, by Gregory Hood

When it takes over two years for exculpatory evidence to see the light of day, and even with its release there are no assurances that the railroaded defendants will see their unjust convictions reversed, then yes, we’ve seen the end of the rule of law. From Gregory Hood at unz.com:

January 6, 2021, was a disaster for the American Right. Despite the emotional satisfaction some felt, the riot at the Capitol discredited President Donald Trump, allowed the Left to call conservatives rioters, justified yet more repression, and forced Republicans who had been investigating the 2020 election into full retreat.

It would have been far better if the activists had done nothing, and if President had Trump urged demonstrators — unequivocally — to be peaceful. In the chaos that did follow, what was the rioters’ plan? There probably wasn’t one.

Congress impeached the President for supposedly starting an insurrection, but if he had wanted a coup, he could have called on the crowd to take the Capitol. Instead, in addition to warning them, “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” he told them to “please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement,” “stay peaceful,” and then, finally, “go home with love & in peace.” Social media banned him, convicting him of the very charges for which the Senate acquitted him.

Was this an insurrection? We have prosecutions and even a few convictions for “seditious conspiracy,” but no level-headed person can possibly believe that the rioters who broke into the Capitol were part of plan to overthrow the United States government.

The seeming desperation of government officials, journalists, and politicians to make the January 6 riot seem like a fundamental threat to the republic have led some to suggest the entire thing was a hoax — an inside job by intelligence services. The truth is much more banal: It was a protest that got out of control. But no one seems to want to know what really happened and understand what went wrong: Why was there such poor security? Did the Capitol Police handle the crowd badly? What were the intent and motives of the people in the crowd? Were federal agents involved in any way?

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2 responses to “Jan 6: The End of the Rule of Law, by Gregory Hood

  1. Now With Fortified Democracy

    That was deleted by the historic pen and phone.
    The J6 Kabuki is the intro to get in the pods, no vote on anything, CBDC climate lockdown world.
    The representative republic model of governance has been reset, please make a note of it.


  2. Jan. 6, AOC to Pelosi, “If we don’t make sure those who perpetrated this mayhem are brought to justice, we are all dead.”
    Pelosi to unk on phone, “I’ve given a shoot to kill order for anyone breaching the speaker’s lobby, every one of these maggots must be prosecuted, yes I agree, no more protest in OUR capital.”
    Again Pelosi to unk on phone, “We must send a signal to the American people that WE ARE IN CHARGE!
    Biden to AOC, “Listen sweetheart, let the men handle this.” Again, Biden to AOC, “This is an adult discussion.”

    words of contempt for you, from your leading elites.


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