Ukraine – Media Start To Acknowledge Reality, by Moon of Alabama

The mainstream is trying to acknowledge without actually having to admit that Ukraine is losing the war it was doomed to lose from the start. From Moon of Alabama at

Finally some truth about the real state of the Ukrainian military is sneaking into main stream media. It is as bad, still not fully disclosed, as we have described it again and again.

As the Washington Post provides:

Ukraine short of skilled troops and munitions as losses, pessimism grow

I’ll leave out the propaganda bits and go for the factual beef. The quotes are long but needed to grasp the depth of horrible situation.

The opening paragraph:

The quality of Ukraine’s military force, once considered a substantial advantage over Russia, has been degraded by a year of casualties that have taken many of the most experienced fighters off the battlefield, leading some Ukrainian officials to question Kyiv’s readiness to mount a much-anticipated spring offensive.

That spring offensive is as likely to happen as the announced relief campaign to unblock Bakhmut. The later is bogged down.

The spring campaign will be made up of green recruits which will use a wild mix of weapons they are not familiar with. Unless there are some ‘western’ surprises I see no way how it can overwhelm the well prepared Russian defense lines.

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2 responses to “Ukraine – Media Start To Acknowledge Reality, by Moon of Alabama

  1. WWIII with no manufacturing, supply chain controlled by CCP, flaming Heather has two mommies MIL and disunity not seen since 1860?
    Only the faculty lounge would be that stupid or is it burning it all down better?
    How I love rhetorical!


  2. Here’s a little game all the Russia haters need to play. Change the word Ukraine for California. Then contemplate how the
    US would have reacted to a haven for every enemy it has setting
    up camp in the Big Bear. Then the Bear cuts US shipping out
    of the ports. How would the establishment of multiple biological
    warfare labs and military facilities next door played out? Not to mention the corruption, money laundering and random drunken shelling of border cities in the adjoining states. Up the ante and put failed comic Kathy Griffin in as head of state of Californistan.
    Try to take that seriously and not as a slap in the face. Russia
    is not Mordor. It’s people are not cannibal zombies. Nobody
    puts up with crap in their own backyard.


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