Massie Asks A Reasonable Question, by Karl Denninger

If you eat food, you’ll probably share Karl Denninger’s opinion that Senator Thomas Massie’s question is reasonable. From Denninger at

Pertaining to GMOs and what we’ve learned about genetically engineering viruses.

Should the results of the genetically engineered virus give us concern about genetically modifying seeds/food?

The clear answer is yes, for the following reasons:

  • Everyone involved lied about the SARS-CoV2 origins.  Ecohealth got caught lying quite early on when DRASTIC was exposed; DARPA turned down their requested program to engineer and test modified coronaviruses in Chinese caves, and among the slams in that refusal was the fact that the population of the nation in question were effectively not being asked for their consent.  That Ecohealth arrogated to itself the right to test a genetically-modified organism on someone else’s soil without the informed consent of the people residing there was sufficient grounds to destroy the organization and jail every single person involved.  DARPA has no authority to do that, but our DOJ does and didn’t.  The deception did not stop there; Fauci claimed that NIH wasn’t actually funding said research when it was, and we now know he was lying.  He didn’t go to jail for that either, did he?  That the virus was clearly engineered was known very early on because it contained a patented sequence and, in addition, had another sequence in it that never occurs in nature.  The latter is routinely used by virus labs for this exact reason; if you put a virus through some process (e.g. through a cell line) and that sequence comes out the other end you know what you did worked because it can’t occur naturally.  That this was present in SARS-CoV2 was known within weeks of its alleged “arrival” in the US.

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