11 Great Reasons To Stay In California

From The Babylon Bee:

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According to reports, hundreds of thousands of people have fled California in recent years, citing minor annoyances like aggressive homeless people, increased violent crime, and crippling taxes. Some experts believe that by 2030, the only person left in California will be Gavin Newsom – and he’ll spend half his time on his ranch in Montana.

But all these concerns citizens have may be overblown. There’s still a lot to love about the Golden State. Here are 11 great reasons to stick around:

  1. Zillow estimates your cardboard box house will be worth $3 million in just a few years – Hoooold – HOOOOOLD!!!
  2. If you identify as black you have a decent chance of scoring millions in reparations soon – Pull a Rachel Dolezal and you can be cashing in big time any day now.
  3. There are beautiful natural sights like the warm glow of forest fires lighting up the skies – We call them “the golden lights,” and they’re magnificent.

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One response to “11 Great Reasons To Stay In California

  1. Californians should get the same reception they gave the
    Oakies back in the 30’s. Roadblocks, torches and winchesters.
    Smug, woke, and unrepentant is not going to get them any
    sympathy. Like Nazis after the war, none of them will admit
    any responsibility for their mistakes. Boise is ruined, so
    go somewhere else Karen.


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