Achtung – Panzer! by Declan Hayes

The tanks being donated to Ukraine will be rolling coffins. From Declan Hayes at

NATO’s Ukrainian campaign is an abomination, as much an abomination as was Hitler’s destruction of Berlin and the hundreds of thousands of innocents he and his cronies threw on its pyre.

Those Ukrainian generals in a position to overthrow Clown Prince Zelensky should read Hanz Guderian’s Achtung – Panzer! (Beware – the Tank!), which formed the basis for Blitzkrieg, the Third Reich’s concept of lightning war, where the concentrated use of tanks, with infantry and air force in close support, would quickly overwhelm the enemy.

These doomed Ukrainian generals should also survey the major campaigns Guderian and his goose-stepping chums used to stress test blitzkrieg. The first such campaign was the Anschluss, the March 1938 annexation of Austria, where Guderian’s tanks ran out of fuel or broke down and where the combat value of Guderian’s formation was non-existent. Had there been any real fighting, Guderian’s forces would have been mauled, just as NATO’s Ukrainian panzers can expect to be mauled as they lumber their way along the 1200 km Russian fish-in-a barrel shooting range from the Polish border to the Dnieper, a slightly more onerous prospect than popping over the German border into Austria.

Next up for Guderian, who ended up as Commander-in-Chief of the Reich’s forces, was the defeat of France which, though a brilliant piece of soldiering, was extremely risky as Guderian committed 1,112 out of Germany’s total of 2,438 tanks to the Ardennes and Meuse breakthroughs. Although Napoleon spoke approvingly about lucky generals, Guderian was extremely reckless and, had France and her allies had a viable counter strategy in place, the Reich would have ended in May 1940, rather than in May 1945.

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