never trust a fat communist, by el gato malo

Never trust a skinny one, either. From el gato malo from

sometimes, an allegory is just too perfect and an utterance so deliciously tone-deaf and un-self-aware as to really get the malign creative juices flowing.

so, let me get this straight:

a fat communist (who is clearly consuming more resources than he needs) is not only pro-boredom and anti-happiness but he wants to tax something useful like cats?

seriously, you just cannot make this stuff up.

(though it is, at least, unusually forthright about being a misery maven)

he even quotes pickety, that most relentless of innumerate crackpots.

for those who do not know him, slavoj (bit of a win for nominative determinism on the “slave” thing there) is a slob-enian “philosopher,” marxist, and general joy thief DBA some sort of intellectual.

and like most of this crowd, what he really seems to hate is the idea of happiness.

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