US Media Complicit in Two Mass Murders:  Covid Vax and Fentanyl, by Paul Craig Roberts

Failures to report the facts can have deadly consequences. From Paul Craig Roberts at

Just as the US media helped Big Pharma and its marketing agents at NIH, CDC, and FDA murder and destroy the health of millions of people by lying about the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA “vaccine,” the US media is responsible for the widespread outbreak of fentanyl deaths of young Americans.

On March 29, the morning’s story on Fox News is the escalation in the number of Americans dying from fentanyl. The danger of the drug is unknown to Americans, because its role in George Floyd’s death was covered up by media whose agenda was to get a white cop.  Getting officer Chauvin was the agenda, not telling the truth about the cause of Floyds’s death.  

The media accused Chauvin and pronounced him guilty prior to his trial, formerly grounds for dismissal of all charges against the accused, of suffocating Floyd by keeping his knee on Floyd’s neck while Floyd complained that he couldn’t breathe.  This lie, repeated and repeated, presented Chauvin as a heartless racist murderer immune to the pleas of his victim and made a fair jury and a fair trial impossible.  Chauvin was convicted before his trial began.  Fellow police officers are accused of failing to stop a murder and are being pressured to cop a plea for reduced charges.  Certainly, they can expect no justice.

George Floyd died from overdosing on fentanyl.  The coroner’s report said Floyd had in his blood more than a fatal dose of fentanyl.  Without the hoopla of “knee-on-the-neck” fentanyl was the obvious cause of Floyd’s death.

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