How To Execute a Color Revolution and Implement Regime Change, by Yuri Bezmenov

Nobody does regime change as well or as frequently as the Globalist American Empire (GAE). From Yuri Bezmenov at

A step by step breakdown of the 10-step GAE playbook that destroys countries in the name of “Freedom and Democracy”, including our own cultural rainbow Revolution

Comrades: The Swamp is simultaneously pushing a domestic cultural revolution and color revolutions abroad with our tax dollars. GAE CIA operatives have been interfering in foreign countries for decades on the Devil’s Chessboard, leading to endless wars that cause unfathomable human suffering and rake in profits for the MIC. In the spirit of pattern recognition and memes, today I will break down the 10-step regime change playbook that has been repeatedly deployed to destabilize regions.

Step 1: Pick a target. Former Soviet states, the Middle East, and the Monroe Doctrine are most ripe for the picking: Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Hungary, Libya, Syria, Iraq, and all of Central and South America.

Image result from
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Step 2: Choose your puppetmaster. Assign a sanpaku sociopath Karen or soy bugman commissar to instigate unrest the target country.

Victoria Nuland:

Image result from

Samantha Power:

Image result from

Alexander Vindman:

Image result from

Tony Blinken:

Image result from

Hillary Rodham Clinton:

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John Kerry:

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