Craig Murray: The So Far Non-Existent Vulkan Leaks

It takes a village of so-called journalists to propagate a dubious story. From Craig Murray at

Thirty named journalists at three major papers are covering “bombshell” revelations about Russian cyberattacks in a manner worth examining.   


The GuardianThe Washington Post and Der Spiegel have today published “bombshell” revelations about Russian cyber warfare based on leaked documents, but have produced only one single, rather innocuous leaked document between them (in The Washington Post), with zero links to any.

Where are these documents and what do they actually say? Der Spiegel tells us:

“This is all chronicled in 1,000 secret documents that include 5,299 pages full of project plans, instructions and internal emails from Vulkan from the years 2016 to 2021. Despite being all in Russian and extremely technical in nature, they provide unique insight into the depths of Russian cyberwarfare plans.”

Ok, So where are they?

The media houses have cooperated on the leaks, and the articles have been produced by large teams of journalists in each individual publication.

The Guardian article is by Luke Harding, Stilyana Simeonova, Manisha Ganguly and Dan Sabbagh. The Washington Post Article is by Craig Timberg, Ellen Nakashima, Hannes Munzinga and Hakan Tanriverdi. Der Spiegel’s article is by 22 named journalists!

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