Orange Man Bad and Keeeeeeeeeev? By Eric Peters

The vitriol behind the Trump indictment is as idiotically misguided as the lionization of a certain clown in Kiev. From Eric Peters at

Is it a coincidence that Orange Man’s indictment on Thursday coincides with what appears to be – to those paying attention – the imminent collapse of the Malabar Front (to borrow from Orwell) by which I mean the Kievian Regime of Wolodmyr Zylensky?

Reports from the Malabar Front – the area around Bakhmut – have been oddly silent for a couple of weeks now. No Huge Offensives – by the Ukrainians. No disastrous retreats – and routes – of the overmatched Russians. The only piece of news of late purveyed by “the media” – that is to say, the PR arm of the corporate-government nexus that controls the news and tells you what you’re allowed to know – has been the supposed downing of a single Russian aircraft.

There has been no news at all about the meat-grinding by the Russians of what’s left of Zelensky’s forces, which have been decimated, apparently, to the tune of more than 150,000 casualties thus far. There are reports – you have to look for them since “the media” will not report them – that Zelensky’s regime is calling up what amounts to the Volksturm – that is, old men and teenage boys – to replace the fighting-age men who no longer exist, courtesy of the Russian meat-grinder.

How long will it be before we see footage of Zelensky (perhaps with his left hand shaking uncontrollably) handing out medals to young boys, in the shelled and burnt ruins of Keeeeeeev?

To those paying attention, it seems imminent. And it will be a disaster, not only for the Kievians but also for the arrogant and callous greedheads and poltroons who put the Ukrainian people into the Russian meat-grinder for the sake of propping up the loathsome actor who performed recently at the U.S. Capitol. It will not look good when it becomes impossible to deny what is happening.

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