How Jimmy Dore Broke Out of the Propaganda Matrix, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Never underestimate the human capacity to change one’s mind. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform:

Story at-a-glance

  • Comedian Jimmy Dore initially got caught up in the propaganda and believed the COVID jab would be a good strategy. He took the shot and suffered severe side effects from it. Dore quickly put two and two together and realized he’d been duped. The shot was nowhere near as safe (or effective) as they claimed
  • After that realization, Dore started seeing through other propaganda narratives as well
  • Dore realized the medical establishment lied not only about ivermectin, but also about hydroxychloroquine and early treatments. They lied about herd immunity and natural immunity. They lied about masks. They lied when they said the COVID jab prevents transmission and could end the pandemic. They lied about the safety of the shots, and about the seriousness of the virus itself too
  • During the Omicron wave, Dore got COVID three times, and it was “the mildest cold” he’d ever had in his life. Unfortunately, he made a second mistake. He took Paxlovid, and got COVID again. That Paxlovid makes you prone to reinfection is now also an established fact
  • Dore warns that the entire government is corrupt. Corruption has been integrated into every part of the government, and every system used to run it

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