The Mystery of UFOs/UAPs: Solved, by Charles Hugh Smith

I don’t want to give away the surprise. From Charles Hugh Smith at

Imagine the immensity of their disappointment in discovering Earth offers few opportunities for trade or investment.

New research has finally solved the mystery of why UFOs/UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) have been visiting Earth since the late 1940s. The revelations are even more shocking than we imagined.

As many have surmised, our neighbors detected our nuclear explosions in 1945 and took this as evidence that Earthlings had become, well, of interest.

It turns out our galactic neighbors were bamboozled into a Ponzi scheme involving Planet Earth. Yes, this is the shocker: our technologically advanced neighbors are just as greedy and prone to being conned as we are. (This also suggests their ChatAIv4000 isn’t all that infallible, either.)

The Central Bank of Centuri seems to have issued an exclusive license to “develop investment and trade with Planet Earth” to their equivalent of a corporation or Special Purpose Entity (SPV). This financial entity then issued shares in this fabulous new opportunity which soon exploded in value.

Some of this money funded exploratory visits to Earth but so far as we can tell, no actual trade or investment was initiated.

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