The Philippines: Return of the Kiddy Fiddlers, by Declan Hayes

You join an alliance to float big boats against China in the South China Sea. Sun Tzu would counsel against it. From Declan Hayes at

The real tragedy is that Australia, the Philippines, Japan and America’s other patsies are adopting NATO’s policy of fighting China in Chinese waters.

Since I last wrote about the Philippines, matters have gotten so much worse not only there but across the entire South China Sea that an air and sea war now looms between China and a gaggle of America’s regional proxies. Although the Philippines is in the eye of the storm, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and even far away Australia can also expect NATO’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to wreak havoc on them. This war will dwarf anything that has recently happened in Ukraine. Bad news for Asians but good news for America’s predatory arms’ industries and, as far as Washington is concerned, that is all that matters.

A land war can be excluded because China has no intention of invading anywhere, Taiwan included and, as Australia clearly shows, air and sea warfare offer far richer pickings for NATO’s defence industries. The trick is to goad China enough to keep the profits from defence contracts rolling in but not too much that the South China Sea becomes a furnace. Better to follow the Ukrainian model, to use proxies to goad China and, with luck, then do a Russia on China, to slap sanctions on her, confiscate her assets and lecture to the world that NATO has, as always, the high moral ground, even in the Philippines, whose most vulnerable children have traditionally been the prey of choice for the U.S. military’s more depraved sexual predators.

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One response to “The Philippines: Return of the Kiddy Fiddlers, by Declan Hayes

  1. Indonesia and Malaysia will both come down on China’s side, they are both economic partners in some manner with China, through SCO. Japan couldn’t field a war fighting force of any sizable strength and would end up as staging area for US actions in the region. Simply said, the US is a toothless tiger and lacks the size and ability to wage a n extended supply line conflict. The group of buffoons in DC are over blustering their rhetoric. A country in which 77% of age eligible young people will not qualify to serve in any of the armed forces, as they are unfit for a number of reasons.


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