The Eggplant Behind the Wheel

At least the eggplant knows it doesn’t know how to drive. From Eric Peters at

If you wanted to get people to fear driving – with the idea that, in time, they would no longer have any desire to drive – how best to go about it?

You might tell them that they need assistance driving, even down to the most basic things that used to be generally regarded as minimum baseline-competences for obtaining a license to drive. For instance, being able to park curbside.

Equip the car with a system that assists them with this task, such that is no longer necessary to develop the baseline-competence to perform it themselves. Watch the baseline competence become a rarely seen high-order skill.

Tout the necessity – for safety – of more such assistance.

Without it, drivers might not be able to keep the car in its travel lane, a truly skills-challenging task. Might – and probably will – fail to apply the brakes in time to avoid running into something. Or back up into something. Have the car apply the brakes to prevent it. Keep itself in its travel lane, with steering assistance. Assist him with the opening and closing of the car’s doors, even.

By this point, the “driver” hardly is.

So why even bother?

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