Video: Carlson Exposes How Establishment Media Is Desperate To Help Cover Up Info From Intel Leaks, by Steve Watson

With today’s social and alternative media, once the truth gets out, there is no way to bottle it back up. From Steve Watson at

“Not one question about the substance of the information,” just “How can we help you keep it secret?”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted Thursday that instead of asking questions about the substance of the information contained in the leaked intelligence material from the Pentagon, the corporate media simply wanted to know how they can help cover it up.

The documents, allegedly leaked by a 21-year-old National Guardsman, reveal information showing that the U.S. is deeply involved in the Ukrain/Russia war.

“If you want to get really sick to your stomach, go pull a transcript from the Pentagon briefing today where news reporters asked flacks from the Pentagon, what are we gonna do to keep information like this secret in the future?” Carlson urged.

The host added that the press failed to ask “one question about the substance of the information,” adding “We are fighting a war against Russia directly, really? Don’t they have the biggest arsenal in the world? Not one question,” instead the reporters asked “How can we help you keep it secret?”

“Those are the questions and not only are the media covering up the substance of the story, which is not who leaked it, but what he leaked, they are covering up the crimes committed to get you this information,” Carlson continued.

“The administration apparently used illegal surveillance techniques to identify this kid apparently with the help of The Washington Post and The New York Times,” Carlson emphasised, further charging that the media is working in lockstep with the intelligence community.

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