Trump, truth, lies, and the gradations of evil, by Elliott Middleton

What is the motive behind the Covid con? From Elliott Middleton at

President Trump was conned by the Neocons and the World Economic Forum

The con

Many Americans believe that President Trump was conned in some way in 2020. Jeffrey Tucker, the founder of the Brownstone Institute, has recently pinpointed the day President Trump was tricked into locking the country down.

It was March 10, 2020. The day before, the president had tweeted that the new virus was not very different from the common flu and could be treated similarly. By March 11, he was willing to commit the Federal government’s entire force to fight the pandemic.

Responsibility for fighting SARS-CoV-2 was transferred to the Department of Defense around this time, although as Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt have documented, the groundwork for this was laid years before. Robert F. Kennedy’s masterful The Real Anthony Fauci details the development of the “biosecurity network” from Bill Gates’s fateful meeting with Anthony Fauci in 2000 when Gates proposed a mutually beneficial “partnership.”

What was the classified information given to President Trump on March 10, 2020, that caused him to change his mind? Jeffrey Tucker states that we will probably never know, but guesses that Trump was told that the virus was made in a lab and was potentially very lethal. If he simply locked down until the miracle mRNA “vaccines” were available he would be a hero. Operation Warp Speed!

Trump fell for it. The lockdowns began to create excess non-Covid deaths in 2020 almost immediately. Lockdowns kill. Dr. Fauci, of course, delayed delivery of the vaccines until after the election.

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