Western Bloc 1943-2023: From Judenfrei to Russenfrei, by Declan Hayes

The West always needs an enemy. From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.org:

The West, with its decadence, its Democrats and Republicans, still lives in Rome’s savage shadow, where we are always at war with Eastasia and, thus, with ourselves.

This article expands upon elements of Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s recent comment that “the Germans are rewarding the non-Nazi Zelensky for the fratricidal massacre, the abolition of everything Russian, the demolition of monuments to the winners of the Third Reich, the glorification of Nazi collaborators, the annihilation of Orthodoxy, the implementation of the thousand-year-old drang – the liberation of living space in the East [to build] a new Europe – not Judenfrei, but Russenfrei. And this concept includes all nationalities of multinational Russia”.

Although our focus is almost exclusively on the present, we must first acknowledge that Hitler’s ideological roots were very many, very varied, very intertwined and very deep-rooted. At the Nuremberg Trials, for example, Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher argued that his Der Stürmer paper had never alleged anything against the Jews which Martin Luther, the founder of German nationalism, had not already said at the time of the Reformation. German Romanticism, British Darwinism and America’s eugenics policy all played their parts in bringing us The Final Solution, where the collaboration of the Seventh day Adventists and the unspeakable sufferings and persecution of the Jehovah Witnesses by the Nazis must also be put into the frame, just as Zakharova is putting all Russians, including the Pope’s Buddhist and Muslim scapegoats, into hers. These two relatively minor German groups are mentioned to make the point that the Jews were not the only target of Herr Hitler, who was of the Austrian School, which saw the Reich’s main enemies as the Slavs, Europe’s largest ethno-linguistic group, who stretch from the German border all the way to Vladivostok.

Although Russians comprise a core part of the Slavs, they are of the Slavs and cannot be divorced from the Slavs, their wider family. They, their names, their language, their customs and mannerisms are not something separate but are simply Russian manifestations of the greater Slavic culture, of which Russia and Russianness are integral, not separate parts. Thus, Zakharova’s Christian name is Syro-Aramaic, Lavrov’s is Roman and Putin’s can be traced back to Bulgaria.

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