How an Immoral Banking System Has Made a Financial Collapse Possible, by Laura Davidson

Our banking system makes financial collapse not just possible, but inevitable. From Laura Davidson at

Libertarians have long accused the banking system of engaging in a legalized form of counterfeiting that enriches a privileged few at the expense of millions of ordinary people. Historically, this illegitimate scheme has also caused recurring and significant financial disruptions, but until recently, a complete breakdown involving multiple bank runs was seen as very unlikely. In the last few years, however, the process of creating money out of thin air by the banks has grown to such an extent that a total collapse is now a real possibility. In this article, I’ll present an explanation, in broad economic terms, as to what led to this critical state of affairs and suggest the systemic change that needs to take place.

To begin with, there are two important points to make. The first is that no matter what anyone says, an increase in the money supply never does anything good. When the banking cartel churns out additional pieces of paper with dollar amounts printed on them or adds a few zeros to the number of dollars on a computer screen, it does not create wealth. You cannot build houses made of out of money, eat money as food, or consume it any way. Wealth is only created by producing more goods and services, which requires the investment of scarce resources. The production of money, on the other hand, can only transfer wealth to those who are most closely linked to its creation in some way. And at all times, it destroys the wealth of those not associated with its creation. Money inflation makes ordinary people poorer than they would otherwise be.

The second point is that at all times and in all places, the creation of additional units of money out of thin air is illegitimate and immoral. No matter who does it, it’s counterfeiting. Pure and simple. And the two biggest counterfeiters are the regular banks and the Federal Reserve. The fact that they’re legally permitted to do it makes it no less illegitimate.

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