The Bud Light Revolt, by Mike Whitney

The most galling thing about the Bud Light fiasco is the obvious contempt in which Budweiser holds its core customer base. From Mike Whitney at

Pissed-Off Patriots Reject “Woke” Indoctrination

Budweiser is not just the company that made our beer. It’s the company that pretended to share our values. Now we can see that it was all bullshit.

Why are people so angry about the Bud Light ad?

Is it because they are narrow-minded bigots who hate transgender people?

No, that’s not it at all. In fact, most guys don’t spend much time thinking about transgenders at all. It’s just not in their wheelhouse. (See here: “We don’t give a fu**”)

The reason people are angry is because they feel betrayed by the company that makes their beer. That’s what’s really going on. They feel like the company is laughing at them and treating them with contempt. And people don’t like being laughed at. It makes them mad. That’s why Kid Rock blasted 3 cases of Bud Light with his AR-15 in a video that was widely circulated on the internet. He wasn’t pissed at the transgender. He was pissed at Budweiser.

Corporations like Anheuser-Busch spend alot of money trying to figure out ‘who buys their beer.’ And—the fact is—they already know who their customers are; they’re the patriotic, blue-collar guys who work 40 hours a week, like sports, hunt, and go to church on Sunday. This is the demographic that buys Bud Light, which is why the company typically gears its commercials to this group.

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